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[070] HEUFT VO 31632 thermo-oil deck oven

Basic information

[070] HEUFT VO 31632 thermo-oil deck oven

Product specification

Used thermo-oil deck oven HEUFT VO 31632, technical data:

  • Number of hearths (decks): 5 (3 of them are pull-out hearths)
  • Baking surface: stone
  • Baking surface area: 15 m2
  • Hearth dimensions: 1875 x 160 mm
  • 2 groups of temperature: 2 secondary circuits – 3 and 2 decks
  • Turbulence for all decks: The “Turbo” is a circulation fan system which can be switched on and off separately for each deck as required to change a stationary (calm) baking atmosphere (radiation heat) to a circulating (agitated) one. The Turbulence blows away the insulating layer of air surrounding the baked goods, so that the full oven heat can get into direct contact with the products. The circulating atmosphere inside the oven provides even better crust formation and the best possible lateral stability of the baked goods.
  • manual control 
  • steam hood with fan
  • 90 kW

See photo of similar oven. 

Subject to technical changes.


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